Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'm taking Bobo back up to his rightful owners today. By the way, he has this fixation with Superman right now - he calls himself "The Man of Steew". And Grammie made him a shiny red cape that he wears around all the time now.

While we're up there, Rumsfeld is being boarded at the vet's, where he will also be, umm... altered a wee bit. Hopefully this'll help keep him from doing his Houdini tricks, getting away to go find girlfriends. Mom keeps freaking out every time she finds out, yet again, that he hasn't been neutered yet.


You Follow Your Head

You're rational, collected, and logical.
Generally, it takes you quite a while to fall in love.
In fact, you've even been accused of being very picky.
While you're cool, you're not ice cold.
You just know what you want, and don't mind waiting to get it.

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