Friday, January 06, 2006

Cat Versus Buttered Bread

I was reading through an old Frank Answers over at IMAO and came across this 'scientifical' bit of... umm... something-or-other.

Wacky Hermit from Undisclosed Mountain State

Bread always lands butter side down, and cats always land on their feet. So if you securely strap a piece of buttered bread, butter side up, to the back of a cat and drop the ensemble off the top of a building, what happens at the bottom?

The easiest way to find the answer to this would be to strap the said buttered bread to said cat and throw him off said building, but that's not scientifical. Science involves equations and theories.

Now, a cat lands on its feet because of an innate sense of equilibrium. Buttered bread lands butter side down for the sake of irony. The question is which force is more powerful? To me, the power of irony would only overpower the cat’s sense of equilibrium if someone really intended on eating that bread:

"Now, Mittens, I'm going to strap this piece of buttered bread to you for safe keeping as I'm really hungry... No stay away from the edge of the building, Mittens! Now land on your feet as always... Nooo! Not your back! My piece of bread is ruined! And Mittens had always landed on his feet before. Why, God, why?"

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