Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ghosties & Things That Go Bump In The Night

The past several nights here at work some of the overnight and evening staff have been trading stories about the ghosts that supposedly haunt several of the cottages. One fella hears the hygiene boxes rattling around in the closet and the guy he works with says he has seen dark figures leaning over the railing watching the staff do room checks. This is in the cottage that was run by a supervisor that committed suicide some time ago. One chick said she was shut in the kitchen by Lady Ward, the ghost at the cottage we were in previously. I worked plenty of overnights by myself at both cottages and never heard or saw any sign of their ghosties.

Bridget got on a roll talking about the folks that call "spirits" up wanting to talk to them. Her opinion - "If you wanna talk to somebody on the other side, go ahead on and die already. You can talk to the other side all you want then."

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