Sunday, January 01, 2006

Fun With Guns

Went out shooting with a bunch of the guys in the family today. Dad, 2 uncles, both brothers, my cousin, a friend of his and a guy from church plus his 2 oldest boys went out in the country and we had a lot of fun.

I'd only shot a gun about 4 times before - a shotgun twice growing up, Dad's .22 Smith & Wesson when he first got it years ago and my sister-in-law's .38 Special about 4 years ago. The boys had dibs on the guns growing up so I played with knives. Used to be able to throw pretty well, but I haven't done that for quite a while. Anyway, back to the good stuff...

Started out with my cousin's shotgun. It was a pump-action and held 8-9 shells. That was a blast - literally. Moved on to Dad's .22 - that was sweet and I really liked how it handled. Tried my brother's
Colt M1991A1 .45 which was really cool. Unfortunately with carpal tunnel in both wrists I'm going to have to go with something a little smaller when I do get the money for one of my own. Then... :D ... I got to play with his Mini-14 rifle. Now that was fun. I spent most of the time with that. It had a scope, which was different but I really liked it a lot. I even managed to defeat my nemesis - the shampoo bottle set out in the field. I won't say how many shots it took to bring the sucker down.

The fella from church had brought several guns, including an
AR-15 and an AK-47. Didn't try either of those but several of the guys did and thought they were great. My brother wants to trade his Mini-14 in on an AR-15.

Think I shot more than any of the guys did. Yee-haw!

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