Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back To The Accent

I've been stuck in a British accent again. I blame all the movies I've been watching. Absolutely everything has been either (that's pronounced I-ther, of course...) British or set in England.

The Importance of Being Earnest... Mansfield Park... An Ideal Husband... the new Pride & Prejudice... the 6-hour A&E Pride & Prejudice... and of course, Doctor Who...

And with Colin Firth being in several of those movies, I now have a touch of a thing for him, especially as Mr. Darcy. *sigh*

It also doesn't help that I've been researching clothing from the 1870's, especially '74-'76, in hopes of getting into doing a little re-enacting at Old Cowtown Museum. Ready-made corsets are not cheap & the thought of making one is a little daunting, but a friend has connections & he can hook me up with some people who have experience in making them. Oh, did you know that it is nigh impossible to find Battenburg lace fabric or trim? If my dress plan is (eventually) approved by the museum, I'll likely have to buy several tablecloths &/or curtains & alter them for the skirt & trim. Just call me Scarlett... ;-P

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