Saturday, July 14, 2007

The New Babies

There have been two new additions to the family. Meet 2-month-old siblings Wash (boy) & Zoe (girl). (Cain't tell that I'm a Firefly fan at all, can ya'?) Adopted from the local Human Society.
(Ummm... I meant Humane Society. Tee-hee...)
Little Man with Wash, obviously a very patient & flexible little bebe.
Zoe getting the full scritching treatment from sis-in-law Kat.
Zoe versus the broom. I think she probably won.

Zoe is the larger of the two, but you can always tell when she's on the losing end of a wrestling match. Lots of angry yet pitiful mews. Wash is the little cuddler but both like to sleep with me.

Sydney forgave me from bringing them into her house partway thru the first week, but is still getting used to them. She hisses more at Zoe than at Wash - wonder if it's a female thing?


Russ said...

"Zoe" and "Wash"... I love it.

Is "Jayne" next? :-)

LadyGunn said...

Beat ya' to it - the dog's middle name is Jayne.

And I've thought of changing the car's name from Lucy to either Inara or Kaylee. Still waffling on that decision... :-D