Monday, July 23, 2007


The Mothership, Peanut, Belle, her hobbits & I all went down yonder to Wichita a while ago to celebrate a cousin's birthday. As you can see below, Little Man & Bobo conked out on the way down.
Sugar Plum wasn't so inclined, especially after seeing Auntie Peanut's new phone. Oooo, new toy!Poor Bobo wasn't feeling well, so he & Belle were in the van trying to avoid, ummm... spewage... while we were at the restaurant. Little Man missed Mommy, of course, (it was the end of the world, dontcha know) so he had to go join them in seclusion. Not much fun for poor Belle, but Sugar Plum did discover a new favourite food.
I'm not that into lemons as a snack, but hey, they apparently float her boat.

Little Man chillin' & enjoying the scenery on the way home.

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