Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sooo... Hungry...

My stomach is driving me nuts.

I get hungry every 4-6 hours. And I mean must-eat-NOW-or-I'll-get-sick hungry. Very annoying. I used to eat once or twice a day - when I got to work & when I left, or sometimes just once in the middle of my shift - and be perfectly fine. One Saturday I woke in the evening, very shaky & light-headed & feeling sick. I had to think back & realized I hadn't eaten since Friday morning - a day & a half. Oops.

Half the time, I don't feel it's worth the effort to actually fix something, so I don't. Then I'll forget until I feel sick & have to scrounge something up. Stoopid stomach... I just realized this getting really hungry thing has started since I was sick. Hmph.

Anyway, I'm off to rummage around in the kitchen.

Oooh... leftover garlic bread, chicken & a bit of goulash. A somewhat odd mix, but hey, I'm hungry. :-D

Update: The chicken is dry. :'-(

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