Friday, June 23, 2006

Hair, Hair Everywhere

7.1.06 ~ THE POLL IS CLOSED! Thanx for voting. Go see the results!

Okay, here's the deal. I've been growing my hair out for a while. But, I'm thinking I might need a change. Mom is suggesting something "short & sassy". Right now it's several inches from waist length. I had it permed last year, so the bottom half is rather curly. That part is also kinda reddish as I had colored it red before that.

Let me break it down a little bit...

Pros of cutting my hair -
1.) I could get rid of the permed, colored stuff in one fell swoop.
2.) Fewer headaches from the weight.
3.) I'd be updated & get to surprise some people. :)

Cons of cutting my hair -
1.) I like long hair.
2.) I want long hair for the wedding if I ever get married (at the rate I'm going though, I'll be 80 & using a walker to get down the aisle), but I would have more than enough time to grow it back out.
3.) It's my best physical feature.
4.) It's very easy maintenance at this length - just shampoo, condition, brush & I'm done.

Input from you, yes you! is requested, so fill out the poll below. Of course, I have tendency to be a little spontaneous sometimes, so it may get whacked off while I'm on vacation anyway. Who knows...

Update: To see a fairly recent picture of the hair, go see this post. And y'all can vote once a day (shouldn't have told the Mothership that... j/k Mom)

Should LadyGunn cut her hair?
Yes - Chop it off
No - Leave it long
Kinda Sorta - Just get bangs
Who cares - I don't have to look at her...
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Originally posted on 6/21/06.


Paul Decelles said...

hmmm I would say kind of sort of...don't know if I would go with bangs, maybe just shorten it to mid length.

LadyGunn said...

Well, thanks for your input, but what's done is done... :)

Anonymous said...

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