Sunday, June 18, 2006

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Straight White Guy Eric posted pictures of several spiders that were passing the time on his deck. Ick! My skin is still crawling.

I can handle snakes - I've killed garter snakes and a rattler or two. The college farm always had several rattlers around. Nine of the mares were bit in several weeks my second summer there (my Jazzi was one of the few who managed to avoid it).

But - spiders!?! They're Satan in the flesh and should all die. We had these honkin' big black & yellow spiders that would take up residence on the hay bales in the horse shed. SInce Dad wouldn't bother with killin' the durn things, I would take a can of Raid and spray the beasts until they fell down. Then I would continue spraying until they were covered with foam and quit squirming.

(I can't believe I just looked at all those spiders on thise sites to find that picture. Now I feel really creepy-crawly! Ick ick ick ick ick...)

Sydney helps keep them under control in the house. She's found several and played with them until I came along & saw what she had. Then, her new toy went squish!

I reserve the right to keep & bear Raid. If they come near my house, they die. They don't pay rent, they're trespassing & I discriminate against arachnids (unless their alter-ego is Peter Parker).


Anonymous said...

... that's pretty mean... are there no exceptions?...


LadyGunn said...

Nope, none whatsoever.