Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Note From Sydney Anne

Hey all, Sydney here. Since Mom is going out of town today for her vacation & isn't taking me along (how rude!), it's up to me to do the week's cat-blogging.

Which is all about me.

As it should be. Just look at how cute I am - the sparkly white, the shiny black, the glowy yellow eyes. Why, I'm positively a paragon of kitty-hood.

Grandpa is going to be stopping by to keep the munchies & scritches coming. (Mom's saying that hopefully he remembers to water the new honeysuckle along the fence - hint, hint.) The good news is that I get the sink & this here recliner to myself this week. I don't have to share at all!

Make sure y'all take the short trip over to the Friday Ark and also check out the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday at Pets Garden Blog.


DEBRA said...

Hi Sydney

We're also Tuxedos...we love bein' tuxies, how about you?


LadyGunn said...

I do - no matter how fancy the shin-dig is, we always look spiffy.
~ Sydney

Laurence said...

That one waould be perfect for the COTC banner... let me know if it's okay, -ls

LadyGunn said...

That would be great, thanx so much.

K T Cat said...

What a lovely cat! We tuxedos really are special, aren't we?