Saturday, December 02, 2006

Carols & Crumpets

It's that time again - tea time! Woo-hoo! (Real lady-like, ain't I...)

This year it's a Christmas Tea, hence the title "Carols & Crumpets", & is a fundraiser for the Women's Ministry. I've spent today baking scones & shortbread & going through china with the Mothership. I'll post recipes later.

By the by, Mom is now a murderer of... Furby's! Twice today she bumped the Furby's in the closet & woke them up. The next several hours we heard odd mechanical voices emanating from said closet. Just as they shut up the first time, Mom had to get in the closet & bumped them again. This time, she knocked one off it's shelf (an accident, or so she claims) & killed it. The best part was as that happened, the other one said "Ooooh, scary!"

Another quick Furby story - Viking Dad is notorious for giving rather lengthy devotions. One day, (I was in college & so unfortunately missed it) Dad was once again getting long-winded, & in the midst of a pause, one of the Furby's, who was playing hide-&-seek, announced "BO-RING." I so wish I had been there. I heard Dad was not amused.

Anyway, back to the point of the post. Uhh, what was the point? Oh, right - tea. Yeah, okay...

Lost my train of thought here... Oh! Mom & I were both pretty worn out earlier, not awake yet or something & I went back to her room to see her flopped on her bed. I was cold so as we talked I crawled in the other side. We decided to nap & Mom said "We can tell Dad we're having a committee meeting." I like committee meetings. Napping is one of my favourite hobbies.

The tea is tomorrow afternoon, it's now 11:07pm & we ain't done yet. Good thing I took the night off at work...

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