Sunday, December 17, 2006

For Sale - Queen Anne II Dollhouse Kit

After I got my work comp settlement from Cessna, I splurged & got my dream dollhouse. (Yes, I know it's a kids' toy - shut up) The Queen Anne II by Real Good Toys. Three floors, thirteen rooms, one a hidden tower room. I have all the rooms planned out & some of the furniture & other stuff stored.
Only problem is, my car is likely officially dead & I have some other unexpected expenses, so the dollhouse is going to have to go. It's a kit, un-assembled (I was scared to try the assembly & wiring for electricity on something this expensive. And no, I didn't pay full price.), so it'll be fairly easy to ship in the two boxes I got it in.

It's a sturdy kit, 3/8 inch plywood, 50"W x 24"D x 49"H and in 1-inch scale. (1 inch equals 1 foot.)

If anyone is interested, drop me an email. The original MSRP is $1075.00, but I could let it go for probably $700. Or just make me an offer & I'll see what we can work out.


Kat said...

I would be happy to post your dollhouse on ebay for you and pay the fee if necessary. I bet it would do really well on there- let me know.
Hope things start looking up for you very soon :-) Let us know what we can do to help!

Anonymous said...

What do you want to bet that the guy in the top picture (with the hammer) isn't wearing any pants?

Andy said...

As much as I desperatly want the Doll house, I'll have to pass on it;) If I hear of anyone who really wants one, I'll refer them to you.

LadyGunn said...

Kat - Thanks, I may take you up on that. Ebay is where I got it in the first place.

Anon (Flanders??) - Eww...

Andy, Andy - Surely you're not going to pass up this deal?!? It's a pittance to pay, especially for a college student such as yourself.

Chris O said...

Lady gunn I would love to take this dollhouse off your hands. First how much for shipping to 29302. After that I'd love to chat about price!! Shot me a line.