Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Tea

We had our Christmas Tea at church last Sunday. After second service, all the chairs were picked up in the Worship Center & we set out 29 tables. Each lady had one table to decorate (Mom had two & another lady helped set everything up & hostessed for her). There were so many beatiful tables. One lady even had the same china pattern (Old Britain Castles by Johnson Brothers) as me, except in red. Hers were even vintage.

Here is my table. I didn't have enough place settings to do them all in my Castle plates, so several were sets of Mom's. I put an oil lamp of Mom's in the center, filled with blue oil (of course), surrounded by a strand of blue & gold beads & blue Christmas ornaments. I even managed to prop up a blue glass peacock. It was very stubborn little bird. I had my little teaparty teapot (similar to this one but a lot prettier) there & the creamers were little kitties.

"Every well-bred petty crook knows that the small, concealable weapons always go to the far left of the place setting." ~ Inara Serra, Firefly Heart of Gold episode

The gun is a little butane lighter. Unfortunately, it doesn't work extremely well. Actually it hardly works at all, but it's good for some laughs. A tea table just wouldn't have that LG touch if there wasn't something wacky on it... *grin*

Update: The recipes I made are posted here & here.


Anonymous said...

... excellent... and thanks!... I always wondered where the firearm went when serving a high tea....


LadyGunn said...

Glad I can be of service! :D