Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Grrrr *Evil Children*

These are not the cute, sweet little kids from Sunday School. These are the juvenile delinquents from work who only *think* they're cute.

Feel free to ignore this post as it's only me griping & whining.

We have 12 girls at work right now, half of them are fairly new. Yesterday, 1st & 2nd shifts had 5 restraints. The day before, they had 8.


And 4 of those were with 2 girls who would attempt to either run or beat up on staff and then when they were restrained, the other would try to 'help' her.

This morning, both of them ran. At 3 o'clock in the flippin' morning.

I only hope and pray that nothing bad happens to them while they're on the run, but if it does... well, maybe that's what they need to wise up & realize that that behaviour isn't exactly very smart.

I've also been called some... let's just say interesting names lately. I have several good comebacks for when they call me a b****. But, since I'm supposed to set a good example for them, I do a lot of internal censoring.

And I do mean a lot.

I've tried using logical reasoning with them -
"You called me a b****. Let's think about this. I am politely trying to help you do what you need to do to move back home or to a foster home. I have never been rude or mean to you and yet you are standing here yelling that I'm a b****. Who's the one that is acting like one?"

Unfortunately, logic seems to be a wee bit beyond their grasp.

I've always wanted to use the "It's Miss B**** to you", but that would be rude. There's that censoring thing. Not to mention that's what they'd probably call me from then on.

And of course, there's "Yes, I am. So why are you pushing someone who is such a b****?"


emawkc said...

I know what you mean about using logic. I've never been able to use logic with women.


Great blog!

LadyGunn said...

Tsk, tsk...

And you think logic works on men?