Monday, April 24, 2006

Tea Time

Yesterday was the Ladies Tea Party at church. We had about 100 ladies in attendance and it was so much fun. Most of the china was provided by Mom & me, along with several other ladies in the church. Diana, Karla & Betty did the food while Mom & I decorated with the help of my aunts & Traci. The main color - pink.
A lot of the women wore hats & dressed up.
We had cheesecakes, several bundt cakes, canapes, little pinwheel sandwiches, creme puffs with chocolate & raspberry drizzles & lemon curd and fresh pineapple, strawberries & kiwi.
Ooooh, don't forget the chocolate-dipped strawberries!

These are some of the tea cups & tea pots we used. Grace, bless her heart, stayed afterward & washed all of the china for us. I was dreading having to do that.

I was a hostess, table-refiller & greeter. I borrowed Mom's hat & had to go buy a dress to match. One fella at church told me that hats should be worn more often. I agree.

Mom & I are considering planning the tea party for next year. My aunt said we need to wait about 6 months before thinking about it so we can all recover from this one.

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ajoy said...

Nice to know the party went well.It was real elaborate and the hat idea is pretty neat.

I just have a small question though,was it helpful in getting anyone closer to God coz maybe i can try something like that in our church too(Im a christian from the middle east.)