Thursday, July 13, 2006

Drugs Are Cool, Man

I mean the prescription variety, of course.

I'm on a new sleeping pill, Trazodone. I used to take it back when I worked at Cessna. When I got laid off, I went off all my meds due to the whole no insurance thing. For the past six-ish months, I've been on Flexeril & Ativan, but they either didn't work or left me feeling really sluggish when I got up.

So far, I'm not doing extremely well. I'm feeling really out of focus & my vision keeps going all wacky-hoo on me. That may be due in part to the Zoloft I've just started taking. That one is for the weepy-ness. My doc said that people who deal with chronic pain often get in what she calls a 'fragile' state. I was so messed up before I went on vacation that I would tear up over nothing. Someone asked me how I was doing & I said "I can't answer that or I'll start crying". And I don't cry. It was driving me nuts.

Since the vacation, all of that is better, but I've been back to stretching my days out too long. Yesterday I was up for 21 or 22 hours before I went to bed. I was up again after 5 hours & couldn't sleep anymore. That was with 100mg Trazodone & a wee bit of Barefoot Cellars Sauvigon Blanc.

If this doesn't improve, maybe I'll have to look into a good whack on the head before going to bed.

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