Thursday, July 20, 2006

Vacation Pics - KC & Leavenworth

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Looks like Blogger is going to be nice to me today, so here we go.

On Sunday of our vacation, the Mothership & I went to Kansas City to go to the Victorian Trading Co. I've gotten their catalogs for several years, but unfortunately, I have really good taste (which means I have really expensive taste), so I haven't really bought much. I do have this print framed & hanging in my hallway, plus I picked up several more that were on sale while we were there.

In the back, they have a parlor tea room that is completely furnished in red velvet & mahogany. A little over-blown by today's standards, but perfect for the purpose. Mom & I had a quick spot of tea.

They also sell vintage-inspired clothing & hats. In fact, Mom got the hat I wore to the church's tea party on sale there. There are a lot of dresses I would love to wear. If only I were rich & skinny...After several more stops, we went home through Leavenworth and saw this lovely house. There were two sets of medieval armor on the porch - you can barely see one. The landscaping is gorgeous and, of course the house is as well. Love the gingerbread & the Mansard roof.
We thought this little single-engine on the roof of a bar & grill place was pretty nifty.
And who can go through Leavenworth without seeing the Penitentiary. This isn't a very good shot of the building, but I liked the clouds. They keep buffalo out in that pasture, or at least they used to. We also got to drive by the house & duplexes that my Great-Aunt owned. Viking Dad & his three brothers own them now.

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