Monday, July 31, 2006

Ewww... *Groan* SPLAT! *Groan*

The title above is pretty much the soundtrack from work last night.

I have to log the temperatures from the five fridges & freezers every night, so at 2am I went out to the garage to do that & get started cooking. The door to the fridge was hanging open several inches, since there were several heads of lettuce jammed in a shelf where there wasn't enough room for them. The temp in the fridge was 78*.

That's not exactly the ideal temp for the ten gallons of milk, seven dozen eggs and various other perishables stored in there. So, basically I spent the rest of the night cooking what I could without the rotten food & when a 1st shift person came in, I went out & recorded everything that had to be pitched. I think there four large garbage bags full of spoiled food.

Anyway, got that taken care of, the kids fed & they were doing chores. I was watching the non-chore-doers in the living room when I heard one of the girls call for a staff who was in another part of the cottage. I asked her what she needed. "The watermelon fell on the floor & is leaking red stuff." "You're kidding, right?" "No."

I went in the kitchen, and sure enough, there was large watermelon playing 'Humpty-Dumpty' on the floor. Got that cleaned & then chopped up while the girls went off to fill their heads with wisdom (umm, yeah, right) & am now eating a healthy breakfast of an ice cream sandwich while typing this. Guess it was just one of those nights.

Oh, yeah, we also just found out that a previous client was found dead in California. She's around 14 or 15, maybe 16.

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