Monday, July 24, 2006

Sleep Is A Luxury

I had 3 hours of sleep from 11am Friday until 3 Sunday afternoon.

Friday I went to the Star-Lite drive-in theatre with some friends from church & the old YAM group. Borrowed Lily, my old trucky-wucky from Vking Dad & we set up lawn chairs in the bed. We saw Pirates & Cars but didn't stay for the third, which was Nacho Libre. That one started a little after 2am. I slept the night at Nic's (that's where the 3 hours came from) & got up early to go to Lyn's promotion ceremony. (Congrats, Lyn & J!)

Went home, watered the honeysuckle & other various dying plants in the yard before trying to nap for several hours. No such luck. Worked Saturday night, went to Sunday School - my last week in the 3-year-olds class :-( , & church. Lunched with the fam at Applebees & then it was finally off to bed.

My poor kitty has begun barring the door & then trying to leave with me when I go to work.


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

No reviews? ;)

Glad you had a good time, even if you are very busy. :)

LadyGunn said...


Pirates - Good, didn't end the way I expected it to & I want Elizabeth's wedding gown (except with a little more fabric up top).

Cars - Very cute, needed more pick-em-up trucks & Dodges & a 'Cuda or 3.

And thanks, I did have a good time.