Saturday, July 01, 2006

Vacation Kitties

There will be lots of vacation blogging & pictures to go with this week. First up we have a few kitties that are visiting.
Sammy belongs to Mr. & Mrs. B, Mom's cousins. He prefers the company of Mr. B, who becomes a bit more marshmallowy in the company of Sam. He is a huge fluff monster, but very sweet & never uses claws or teeth.
This is Newman. He belongs to big bro Flanders, wifey Belle & their hobbits. He is an outdoor cat, with aspirations to become an indoor cat. Unfortunately, his credentials & good looks are not enough to get him through the front door.
Newman playing with the nephews in the sandbox. He didn't even mind when Bobo sprayed him with a little water.
Sydney the psycho kitty was rather happy when I got home after more than a week of being away. She quickly claimed her favourite perch, also known as my back. Crappy picture I know, I forgot to take off the flash, but you can kinda see I'm getting cheek rubs.Not quite a kitty, in fact he moves like a cutting horse, but this is Zipper, Mr. & Mrs. B's pup. Part German Shepherd, part Yellow Lab & part Basset Hound. He wouldn't let me pet him, but freaked out a little when I was on the roof & untouchable.


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Very cute!

LadyGunn said...

Aren't they?
Of course, Sydney is the cutest one of all. Not that I'm biased or anything...

Anonymous said...

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