Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oooh! Oooh! Look!

Hey ! I've decided to copy Spacemonkey & post a doodle, and on a Thursday, no less!
I actually went to team meeting today and after I was done playing with my toys, decided to draw a little. So, first up we have a horse head. Horses were my first love & I spent many an hour drawing lots & lots of ponies. And this is about as good as it got. (Well, I have done better, but that was with a pencil & more time & attention.)
And now, a chick with really curly hair. I always make faces too long...
but her eyes are good. This one started out bad & just went downhill from there. I give you a punk-accountant dolphin, complete with glasses, pocket protector, goatee, tatoo, hat, calculator & piercings.
Sometimes I think I confuse myself.
At least I think I do...

And, a stick figure pirate. This was inspired by my skull-magic-8-ball-thingy from one of my Happy Meals. I named him George & he answers all of the really tough questions we have in the office. Tough questions like "should we let the kids out of their rooms today?" "Nay, scallywag!" "Alrighty, then." (I also have 2 of the stuffed pirate guys for Sydney to play with.)

So there you have it - more useless information to cram into your poor brain.

Speaking of brains, I got a little walking toy brain at the psychiatric museum but Scot let him walk off of the desk & now he's broke. *sob* I have gummy candy brains from the museum too. :D

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