Thursday, July 13, 2006

What's In A Name

I know I said (last week!) that I'd have vacation pictures up, but the Mothership's van is in the shop &, as we can't find it anywhere else, the camera must be in it. So, until it's fixed & back home, no pictures.

Speaking of the van, Mom & I were discussing names for her van while we were on the road. She's had the thing about a year & it still isn't named,

My little Avenger is named Lucy, the 1/2 ton Dodge Ram (Mmmm, Dodge.... *drool*) I drove before is Lily (she's Dad's now, but I still have visitation rights) and my first truck, a 3/4 ton Ford diesel with dual-exhaust & glass-packs, was Nelly Brown. Before that I drove the folk's white '85 Lincoln Town Car, Abe, & the '78 Ford Fairmont who was named Daisy.

Well, that was her name before Ramone & his friend Kern got ahold of it, the pressure washer & a torch. Daisy turned into the Beast. They torched off the roof, the doors, all the quarter panels, the trunk, everything. I think the only outer piece of sheet metal left was the hood. They would take that thing out mudding & come back absolutely filthy. My cousin, who was probably 12 at the time, drove it with all of the rest of us girls along for the ride. She almost flung us out tearing over the terraces in the field. Larry, Ramone's black Lab always rode in the back seat or in what was formerly the trunk.

Oh, yeah, in between my two trucks, I drove The Nasty, a Dodge Dynasty. I bought Lily after I had to have that hunka junk towed from Wichita for the third time.

You want to hear some odd people names? Some of the more different ones I've run across here at work have been Previous, Precious, Princess, A'Piffani, Ray-Vun & Terlisa. I'm sure there are many more, but my subconcious has most likely blocked them.

Peanut & Jer are going to give all of their kids 'J' names. Peanut has had names picked out since before she even met Jer.

I am personally a fan of old-fashioned names. Mine is not necessarily old, but it is fairly uncommon. There is one actress/celebrity of sorts who has it, but every time I've run across my name in a book or movie, that person was always bad. What is up with that?

I say it's a conspiracy.

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