Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm Such A Doofus

I did something stupid.

I told my bosses I would work every Friday & Saturday overnight the rest of the month.

This is in addition to my regular Sunday thru Thursday overnights.

Soooo, I'm gonna be working every. single. night. from Sunday, July 30th thru Monday August 28th.

I need the money & they need the staff, so it's all good, but Mom is so gonna kill me. *sigh*

But hey, after that I'm going to Colorado with the parental units for a family reunion (the Nebraska side).


Beth Donovan said...

OMG - you are crazy to work that much!

However, from what you have said in earlier posts, I have to wonder if working nights causes you to have insomnia?

Either way, do take care of yourself!!

LadyGunn said...

Well, I've never claimed to be sane!

I'm looking for a non-vampire-hours job but not having any luck right now. The night hours probably do contribute to the insomnia but that's also just part of the FMS.

Thanks Beth.