Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Question For Y'all

Am I the only one that cries at war movies?

I just watched Black Hawk Down yesterday & cried like a baby. (Shaddup - no laughing at me) I was a mess while watching Band of Brothers several months back. I don't do this during sappy chick flicks, just war movies. I think it's because I know that people did/are going through that. Do other people do this or should I just add this to my list of freakish-ness?

(That's a lot of sentences starting with 'I'...)


Lyn said...

Now that's funny - I don't like war movies but I did cry at The Lakehouse. Maybe we're opposites. lol

LadyGunn said...

Hey - I said no laughing at me! ;D

Never seen The Lakehouse. Lemme look it up... I remember seeing previews for it, but wasn't in the mood for it at the time.