Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One Awesome Marine & A Bunch of Deluded Fools

I saw this story first at Blackfive & then again at IMAO where FrankJ linked to a DemocraticUnderground thread.

The story is about a 21-year-old Marine who is his team's designated marksman. Let's just say the man is good at his job & I for one am thankful that he is. The number of lives he has saved, both American & Iraqi... just wow. Go read the whole thing.

Anyway, the DU fruit-loops would prefer that this soldier be locked up when he returns from his TDY. They call him a brainwashed, bloodthirsty sociopath, a killing machine, a souless killbot and a disgrace to the uniform who should be jailed. Those are just a few of the comments. Don't bother going over there to read the rest unless you wish to rot your brain (see what I do for you people - I'm killing my brain!) They also turn it into a racism thing & say he's going to go crazy down the road & kill his family.

Those DUmmies make me sick. This man is fighting to give the Iraqis the opportunity to have the same freedoms we have here, heck the freedom to live, & they do this to him? They claim to support the troops, but that's a big stinkin' load of bull. They need to take a little "vacation", go over there & have a nice little chat with the side they do support. Their sweet little "insurgents" won't be interested in talking. They're more the torture you, hack off your head & booby trap your body after they dump it in the desert types.

That's my 2 cents. Sorry if it's a little incoherent, I just get really ticked off at these idiots sometimes.

(Anybody know where I can get a full body transplant? I wanna join up & go kick some terrorist butt too. Dang medical restrictions...)


REB 84 said...

"Nobody Comes Home From War Unchanged" This quote is from Paul Rieckhoff, Executive Director of the Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America It links to a short eight minute film about his organization.

Regardless of your political affiliation or opinion of our involvement in Iraq you owe it to yourself and to American's military men and women to watch this video. It helps summarize "The True Cost of War."

QuestionItNow - Still In Iraq

LadyGunn said...

I'm not saying they will be unchanged. No one can go through what they are living in over there & remain the same.

I'm simply saying that because he is good at his job, which happens to be killing the bad guys before they can kill more of the good guys, doesn't mean that he's going to come home & go postal. No, he doesn't break down in hysterics after every shot. But that doesn't make him a "souless killbot" either.