Friday, August 11, 2006

Never Forget

I ran across this 9/11 tribute at Pet's Garden Blog. Please, go watch it.

As I watched, all the feelings from nearly five years ago came rushing back. The horror, the helplessness...

I sat here and prayed for the survivors, for the families of the lost, for our nation's leaders...

I don't personally know anyone who was lost or, as far as I know, anyone who lost someone in the terror attacks on that terrible day. But my life was changed, as was the life of every other American. I wanted so badly to do something, anything. I tried to join the military, but I have several medical disqualifiers. I couldn't donate blood because of meds & medical conditions. So, I am doing one very, very small thing that will hopefully keep the fire of remembrance burning.

I have signed up with the 2996 Project to honor a victim of the terror attacks. Her name is Barbara Walsh, from New York. She worked in the World Trade Center. I know it's not much, but it's all I have to give at this point.

If you are a blogger and have not yet done so, please go sign up to honor someone. All of victims will be remembered by someone on the fifth anniversary on September 11, 2006. They still need bloggers who are willing to devote a small amount of time to make sure that we never forget those who were murdered.

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