Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm Late, I'm Late...

But the very important date is long past. Oh well.

Happy (very belated) Thanksgiving everyone.

The parental units, Rumsfeld & I went up yonder to the farm for Thanksgiving. The shin-dig was on Friday. My Aunt, Uncle & cousin Roo from Wyoming were there, as were my little cousins, one of whom I'd not met since he was born last summer. Rummy had to be tied in the back yard after he jumped the retaining wall/fence. At least he had lots of company, what with the five little boys (all under the age of six!) running around out there. I had at least four people say "That's not a dog - that's a horse!" in the first half hour.

Roo & I spent part of the discussing the family reunion we are planning for next summer. Holy. Cow. Do y'all realize how difficult it is to plan something that will accomodate the older folks & the little babies, the men & the women, plus allow us to get some important family business done as well? Every time we thought we had something worked out, another option would be brought up or we would be informed it wouldn't work. And this is just Grandma & the families of her four boys. Ah well, it's all good...

Hope all y'all had a lovely & blessed weekend with your families.

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