Thursday, November 16, 2006


The other morning at work I was reading over a girl's Mastery paper (to move up to the next level) & one of the girls asked if I was married. Another girl said "No, she's engaged."

Huh? When did this happen? Turns out she was confused by the ring I wear on my left ring finger. They wanted to know why I wore it & I said it's my purity ring. None of them knew what that meant, so I explained that it's a symbol of the vow I made before God to remain sexually pure until I marry. All but one girl went "Huh? What's that mean?" The one girl's jaw dropped & she practically shouted "You're a virgin!?!"

When I answered in the affirmative, the rest of the jaws dropped & they wanted to know how old I am. What's sad is that they all said they wished they were still virgins - 14-17 year-olds who are so jaded & have never been taught another way. Even worse, the ones who never had a choice, having been raped by fathers, uncles, mom's boyfriend, etc...

I normally don't share this kind of info with clients, but I think that they need to know that it is possible to live another way. Having a boyfriend all the time is not a life or death deal like they seem to think it is. I don't know if it'll have any real effect on their lives but maybe it'll stick in the back of their minds & come through someday when they need it.


DrDoom said...

... But I thought "WE" were engaged, pookie??

LadyGunn said...

No No No... YOU'RE Pookie, I'm Snookums - remember?

(Major rumor mill at work had Pookie & me dating. I found out several months after everyone on campus "knew" this... That's where his nickname came from.)