Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Those Crazy Kids

I got a little note from one of my clients this morning. She had one for each of the staff. Mine is below. The spelling & punctuation are all her.

Dear, Ms. W---
I would like to express my emotions towards you to you. You make mornings fun, “Yes,… Ya” I lov that I know its you on the other side of the buzzer. Your witch laugh cracks me up, You always put a lil smile on my face manley (mainly ~ LG) cuz its so early that I am half asleep still and trying to laugh at you or wit you. And when you braught your dog that was so much fun! Tell him I said “woof woof” lol JK! (just kidding - I'm guessing here ~ LG)
The “Yes,… Ya” thing is something that I didn't realize I did until she started laughing about it one morning. When I answer the buzzer, I say "yes" & then when I answer their request or question in the affirmative, I always say "yeah". I'm glad it makes her laugh & some of the other girls have started commenting on it as well.

I took Rumsfeld in to work one Friday afternoon to let the girls see him. They had a blast running around the circle with him until my boss came out & said that her boss told her he can't be on campus until he's a certified therapy dog & I've set up a schedule. Well, another lady there has an experienced, certified therapy dog & they don't let her bring him in, but they let one of the therapists bring her puppy in. And there's no way he's a therapy dog 'cause they have to be at least a year old to be certified & he's only 3 months. Some of the management people - really nice people, but they haven't a clue as to what they're doing or supposed to be doing as management. There have been so many times they've said we're going to start doing something, then either don't follow through or someone has to tell them what they want to do is illegal. Frustrating. And they wonder why there's so much staff turn over...

By the way, the spelling & punctuation are scary, but pretty much par for the course around there. It's actually not that bad compared to a lot of the other kids' writing I've seen.

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