Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Be Afraid...

...Be very afraid. I have heard the logic (?) of the next voting generation.

A client yesterday morning wanted a band-aid for a shaving cut on her leg. I handed her an alcohol swab to clean the cut with and the conversation went as follows:

Client: I don't use alcohol.
Me: It will clean the cut.
Client: But it stings!
Me: Yes - but then it won't get infected.
Client: I always use hydrogen peroxide.
Me: Umm... alcohol does the same thing. Why does it matter?
Client: Because the hydrogen peroxide stings. That way I know it's working.
Me: So... You won't use alochol because it stings. You want to use hydrogen peroxide because it stings.
Client: Yeah.

Waiter - more medication over here please!

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