Friday, December 30, 2005

More Pony Pics

This is Ty, my buckskin. Doesn't he have the cutest profile?
This is my crazy younger brother, sporting his Alcatraz hat, on Sugar, the crazy Shetland/Welsh pony.
The sorrel on the left is my Buggy-Boo, Pebbles is on the right with Peanut at the wheel and the collie in the foreground is my old Happy-dog.


Robert said...

Pretty interesting :)

Anonymous said...

it's interesting...

Beth Donovan said...

Is your buckskin Arabian? That dish shaped profile makes him look at least part - he's very cute!

LadyGunn said...

Nope, he's pure Quarter Horse.

He had that face & then a puffy, wiry mane & forelock that was always out of control - very cute.

And a sweetie-pie to boot.