Sunday, December 25, 2005

Heh He...

The Little Mother and I were in Sam's Club the other day getting mondo food for the Christmas dinners. We got up to the checkout and this guy that has to be older than Dad almost ran into my cart. He started talking to me and I was just being polite and conversating. He said there was a go-cart for sale somewhere in the back and then asked if I had kids. I said no and he said that it would have been a good gift for kids and only $1,800. I said if I had that kind of money laying around I certainly wouldn't be buying a go-cart. *cough*Harley*cough* He asked what I would buy. "My dream gun" I replied. "Oh. (pause - his smile kinda freezes) What's your dream gun?" "A Desert Eagle .44 or .50" "Oh..." Me - "Bye"

Sometimes I love being a little off... ;D

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