Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Mom & I are watching Little Bobo and my cousin's youngest Lil'Un. We have had several fun learning moments:

Large stuffed horses have front and back seats that are somehow worthy of being fought over.
When you send a kid for his shoes, he may bring back his Pooh, as in Winnie.
Bobo cannot say 'girl', it comes out as 'gral'.
Cats do not enjoy being held about the middle by a little 'gral' who is jumping up and down.

Bobo was following Lil'Un out of the computer room when he suddenly stopped and exclaimed "I can't find my knife" and began searching his pockets. Even though he is a little farm boy, I would be a wee bit surprised if a 2 yr-old had a pocket knife. That should be saved for the 3rd or 4th birthday, so as to not rush things, you know. Ah well, turns out it was a Play-Doh 'pocket' knife that was missing.

UPDATE: Little Bobo came running back into the den and stated "You like sharp knives". ?!?!?
Warning! - Bobo bites when pretending to be a snake and gets you. Not hard, just suprising.

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