Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Got into work tonight and had to immediately leave for the emergency room. Apparently a client had been on the run and got the brilliant idea to try to jump off a stump and over a chain link fence. Needless to say, she ripped a lovely patch of skin off her leg. I got the joy of holding her hands while the ER doc numbed, rinsed and stitched her up. He discovered that the fence made a puncture wound large and long enough for his index finger to fit in. (Theoretically - he didn't actually attempt this.) Before the stitchin', the girl was fussy and said she was going to get mad if the doc didn't get in there soon so she could go home and go to bed. I reminded her that she was there as a result of her decisions to A.) run away and B.) try to jump a fence. She chilled out after that. She did pretty well during the needle stuff although I made the mistake of watching and got rather light-headed. Girl claims this has changed her ways and she won't run anymore. Time will tell.

UPDATE: Yup. Ran again - twice. Nitwit.

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