Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What Happened To My Hermit Plans... ?

The parental units & I went to see The Chronicles Of Narnia Sunday evening. Good movie, not quite as good as I had hoped it to be, but...

About 20 minutes from the end, right in the middle of the big battle, a group of 3 people came into the row ahead of us and stood there, trying to figure out if that was where they wanted to sit. Had they not been senior citizens I might have grabbed the back of the guy's coat and pulled him down as a small reminder that they aren't the only ones in the blasted place.

Another chick had brought her little baby - not a toddler, a BABY - and was standing by the back door as the poor kid screamed throughout a majority of the show. First of all, what in the world was girl thinking - bring a kid that small to a movie? Whatever happened to baby-sitters? And then, she just stood there as he bawled his little head off. How in the world anyone is supposed to enjoy a movie when you strain to hear the dialogue over an enraged infant.

People can be so... um... not-smart sometimes. (See Mom, I'm trying to be nicer.) Maybe I should rethink the whole going-to-Cherry-County-Nebraska-to-be-a-hermit plan I had in high school. Just me, a Dodge truck, horses, cats & dogs... Ahh, that's the life.


Anonymous said...

A hermit would be a good thing. Lease a nice cave for 99 years, and no one would bother you.

By the way, I think "people are stupid" is what you were going for. Not just SOME people, ALL PEOPLE. Makes me glad I'm not a "people" at all.

LadyGunn said...

I agree with the "stupid" thing, but the Little Mother fusses over that kind of stuff. And since she is about the only person who actually reads this thing, I'll bow to her wishes, here at least. ;)