Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Why Kids Are The Way They Are

Two of our clients had run away when I got into work tonight. Second shift were the ones that had to deal with the majority of the crap, but I have had the "pleasure" of talking to.. err... listening to one of the girls' grandma rant and rave. Grandma blames us for letting her little darling walk out of the cottage and off campus. I explained to her several times, as did 2nd shift, that we are not allowed to restrain or do anything to keep them from running unless they are on suicide watch. She just keeps going, getting louder and louder, saying that she placed the child here so she would be safe and we don't care and now the girl has learned that she can do anything she wants. I told her that her granddaughter is the one that made the decision to run, but the woman just escalated and continued the beratement. She said that she is coming to campus, from about 150 miles away, and she is going to stay here until we do something to find her. I told her if she wanted the girl somewhere that she couldn't run from, maybe they should've looked into a lock-down facility. Grandma simply keeps repeating everything she has already said over and over, getting louder and more worked up. She refused to listen to any kind of reason and said that she is going to bring a lawsuit against the company.

I wanted to tell her that her granddaughter is acting the way she is because her family let her get away with stuff and even now is painting her as the poor little victim and the staff and company as uncaring, incompetent villains. Don't get me wrong, I hope the girls don't come to any harm, but sometimes, something drastic does need to happen to make them sit up and realize that "Oh yeah, this is stupid".

Did I mention that this girl is the same one from the
Icky... post?

And... Dah dah da-dah - they also stole a car.

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