Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Our Little Adventure

Mom & I went up to Topeka to see my older brother & sister-in-law graduate from Washburn. I don't know how they did it, with 2 little ones and him working full-time 30 miles away.

I got Big Bro some .45 ammo as a gift. You shoulda seen him. He carried it around with him and routinely opened it up to play with a couple bullets. 'Course I played with them too, as did Bobo. Guess I know what to get to make him happy. It was even on sale. Yay Dick's Sporting Goods! They also had some
real pretty folders by Gerber.

Anyway, the Mothership & I returned little Bobo to his parental units and got to see the other little duffer. We were planning on staying until Saturday evening for Pop's side of the family's Christmas. The weather decided otherwise for us. We left shortly after noon (I think) to head home due to a forecast of 2-4 inches up there and 4-6 inches down here. Did fine on the turnpike and most of the way on the evil 2-lane highway that is frequented by semis. Got behind a trucker who refused to move over in the passing zones so the Mothership decided to pass. Didn't realize the slush we had been driving over earlier had frozen. We got next to the trailer and lost control. Mom & I both started praying hard. I was looking over at these big tires and thinking "Oh, crap, we're gonna get run over by a semi". When we swerved off to the left I thought "Thank you God", never mind the fact that we were heading into a lovely ditch at 60-70 mph. The ol' minivan plowed through that snow and did a nice little 270 degree turn before sliding to a stop. Mom & I both thought we were going to flip. It was a God-thing that we didn't. Mom quit yelling "HELP US GOD! HELP US GOD! HELP US GOD!" and we just sat there for a minute. Drove the van out of the ditch and down the road. No damage other than maybe a little paint scrape-age on the front fender.

Well, that's it. Hope life is a wee bit more boring for while, although it was kind of a rush.

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