Saturday, December 24, 2005

Prayer Request

I hate to be cryptic and vague, but if it crosses your mind, please pray for my family. I cannot give out any details other than it is a health issue and that the doctors are unsure as to what the problem is. All we know so far is that it doesn't look good. I'll be more forthcoming when we know something/permission is granted to share more.

Thank you.

Update: My uncle has been diagnosed with MS. At the time this was originally posted, all we knew was that his entire right side was numb, he couldn't tell where his hand was & couldn't control it if he couldn't see it. He had just started a new position with his company & they were worried about whether or not they would work with him & the new health problems. They are, by the way. He's on meds now & has improved a lot.

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