Saturday, February 18, 2006

Here We Go Again

I’m finally making myself sit down and redo my reply to all of the commenters on this post since Blogger ate the first one.

UPDATE: I found the original archived somewhere and so am re-posting it here. I also have it saved so that if it goes bye-bye again, it's not a problem.

This is my response to the who have been visiting and the few that have been leaving comments on the Don't Close Your Blinds post. This is all the "arguing" I am going to bother with due to the fact that I have learned from my job that it does no good to argue with someone who is determined to believe whatever they want. So, unless someone has something particulary good or I feel like responding to something, this is all she wrote.

First of all, that piece is not satire. I don't see how anyone could possibly get that impression. As far as being "blinded by ideology" goes, the road runs both ways honey. When someone refuses to accept the truth as fact merely because they hate the "spokesperson" that promotes said truth, as the left often does, well... I'd consider that being "blinded by ideology".

Secondly, alex p. claimed the neighbor was actually having a barbeque.
Here's your barbeque. You forgot to mention that the wife and kids were the main course.

As for the accusations that Saddam didn't have weapons, or WMDs, I suggest that you go read
Who Is Lying About Iraq by Norman Podhoretz.

Just for the record it isn't the regular citizen in Iraq that wants us out now, it is the terrorists (mainly from other countries) who want to control Iraq. These people are not "freedom-fighters". They plant IEDs and use car-bombs, uncaring of the fact that they kill innocent Iraqis in their attempts to get our soldiers. They kidnap and behead citizens. If they were truly "freedom-fighters", you'd think they would have a care for the people they were fighting to "free".

In regards to my first comment to anonymous, I apologise. I shouldn't have been so sarcastic. The meaning would be the same, just not the method.

Originally posted 2.4.06 at 7.47am

One addition:
tongodeon’s claim that out boys and girls over there are doing more damage than Saddam – get real. If you want to know what is really going on over there – pull off the tinfoil hat and do a little research on your own instead of blindly swallowing the crap the goons on the TV feed you.
Read the CENTCOM updates. That’s the truth, no leftist propaganda.

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