Friday, February 17, 2006


After the kids were picked up by their dad the other day, I found this set up on the ottoman. I think Beetlebomb did it.
Ya think GI Joe is gonna be Spidey's new nemesis? I'd like to know, 'cause knowing is half the battle...
I'd also like to know what the other half is.
Of course, Lil'Un has to get into the fun as well. When I tell her to pick out several toys to take with us in the car, this is what she picks...

Yup, it's Michael Vaughn from Alias, Eowyn from LOTR and some little cowgirl chick all hanging out together.

Personally, I think Eowyn could take Vaughn. He's kind of a wimp. He always has to be rescued by SpyBarbie. Well, except that one time when he kinda ended up a little dead-ish.

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