Friday, February 17, 2006

Sleep Blogging

Some people drunk blog; I sleep blog. For the past week & a half, I've averaged probably 2-4 hours of sleep each day. The 4 hour days are when I've taken a sleeping pill. Ugh.

A friend is overseas in Germany right now and I usually send weird emails with a theme - F for when he was in France & Finland (Hopefully the foul food furnished by Fred doesn't make you feel funny.) and A for Arizona (Alleviate agony by abandoning altogether the accordion.). I was going to send a G themed one but I am so tired and completely uninspired all I could come up with was Great Googly-moogly. (Holy cow. Y'all should see all the typos I'm having to fix here. It's pathetic!) I also sent Nic a N one for New York (Nay, nimble nincompoops are not the norm. & Neglect my nonsensical, nerve-wracking nuttiness.).

I've had my cousin's kids every day after school for the past week. Mom took pity on me today/yesterday & had Peanut take the little goobers. So, I should have been able to get 10 hours. Think that happened? Nope. Evil Flexeril (or was it evil Ativan?) Woke up after 4 hours and couldn't sleep again until 30 minutes before I had to go to work.

I think I'm done rambling for now. I'll head over to the Mothership's later & do some kitty blogging.

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