Monday, October 30, 2006

Farm Fun

It appears that Dr. Phat Tony has exacted his revenge on Jack for cheating him out of his plan to kill Jill.

His post reminded me of some of the fun I had growing up on a sheep farm. Mind you, if you're city-folk, you'll likely find this more disgusting than fun(ny).

My family had the largest sheep farm in the county - Jackson Co, KS to be exact. I used to help with castrating the lambs & my job was to give 'em the shots after Dad used the nippers & before Grandpa banded their tails (to make them fall off).

I always liked to "help" Grandpa butcher. My idea of helping was playing with the innards after he gutted the sheep. See, you hang em up by their back feet, cut the throat & let the blood drain out before slicing them from stem to stern. The internal organs would fall out onto an empty feed sack where I'd get to learn about anatomy by cutting them up. The four stomachs were always cool but my favourite was the liver. Not sure why, but boy, they sure taste good fried up with onions & topped with a little mustard - yummy!

My cousins (all girls) & I would pretend to cook when we were younger, using mulberries, dirt, leaves, water, a little feed &, of course, placenta from recent births. My friend Pooky has taken to calling that concoction "placenta pie".

Mom used to open the freezer to find snakes, frogs, etc in ziploc bags that I had found on the dead on the road & saved to dissect. And of course, there were the frog legs & the time Flanders & I got a bunch of frog eyes in a jar...

Ah, good times... ;)


Dr. Phat Tony said...

Thanks for the link. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Since you have experience cooking lamb, do you know how long I should age the meat before cooking it? The roast turned out well but the grilled meat was tough.

Anonymous said...

... bloody hell, woman... you ain't right...


LadyGunn said...

Doc - I can do roast alright, but Viking Dad is the grill master around here. I'll have to ask him for tips.

Eric - SWEET! That is the best. comment. ever! I don't think that one'll ever be topped.

By the way, you sound so surprised - why?!?