Monday, October 23, 2006

The World's Cutest Nephews

And no, I'm not biased at all... ;D

We had a baby shower for Kat & Ramone & their new little boy who will be making an appearance the beginning of December. Flanders & his two little boys - Bobo & Little Man - came down for the goings-on & the boys are staying here with Grammie & Papa (also known as the Mothership & Viking Dad).

We had some very fun conversations on the way to & from the shower, especially with Bobo. Trains are a big thing for him since Papa works for the railroad.

Bobo - "I will not work in the office. I will work in the twain."
Grammie - "Oh, you are?"
Bobo - "Yeah, so I can get money!"

Good little capitalist...

And on the way home, they were both tired so there was a little crankiness goin' on. Especially regarding the lights:

Bobo - "I want the lights on!"
Grammie - "You'll live."
Bobo (in a dramatic manner only a 3-year-old can do) - "No, I won't live!"

And later, to Grammie & Auntie LG:

"Hey! I want to throw you two out the window!"

Peanut & Jer later got that threat as well, after they were accused of smooching. What is the world coming to these days, when a married couple is caught smooching... Oh horrors!

To keep Little Man awake on the way home, I was forced to resort to threats. Every time I was afraid he was going to doze off, he was tickled mercilessly. It got to where I would say "Oh no! I think Little Man is going to sleep!" and he would close his eyes & tilt his head to the side. Then a little smile would start creeping across his face. So cute...

I'll be taking Rumsfeld over the parental units today to play with the hobbits, so there may be more stories to come. Stay tuned...

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