Thursday, October 05, 2006


What is with all these teenaged girls wanting to have babies? We have several at work now who run & have unprotected sex with men they don't know (the men who do this are a whole 'nother issue) in hopes of getting pregnant. They say that they want someone to love them, but they don't think past the "Oh a cute little baby & it's all mine!" stage. They don't get that a child is a lifelong commitment, especially for the first 18 years. These kids can't even manage the very basics of their own lives & yet they want to bring another child into this world, screw that one up & send him/her to us to fix, just like we're supposed to fix them.

One girl just did the whole run-away-&-have-sex-with-strange-men thing on Monday & is now claiming that she can tell when she ovulates (which was supposedly Monday) & 'knows' that she's pregnant. She's even faking morning sickness & stomach pain.

It's so scary that this is the next generation. If you look at their parents, you can see the downward progression. The next generation after this one... *shakes head*

I do realize that there are kids out there who have been raised right & have their heads screwed on straight. I just never get to see those ones.

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