Monday, April 09, 2007

Duh George

The following is a transcript of a conversation with a little half-pint client we have. The one who pees in her vents & wanted to kill me with scissors. To set it up, she is not allowed to have crayons or markers in her room due to her either writing on the walls or just coloring & not doing a thing she's supposed to. Anyway, she wet her bed yesterday morning & was getting in the shower. As she was getting her things around, I noticed that she had stopped next to where we store the markers & such before going in to her room. On to the transcript...

Me: What are you doing?

Half-Pint: (blank look & a long pause as she takes her meds before answering) Huh?

M: What were you doing in the dining room?

HP: (another blank look & pause) Nothin'

M: Did you get some crayons & take them in your room?

HP: (staring up at me with big puppy eyes, along with yet another rather lengthy pause) No.

M: Are you sure?

HP: Uh-huh

She gets in the shower. C & I go in her room to find that she had put a box of crayons in her closet under a coloring book. Needless to say, they are now confiscated. After she gets out of the shower & is in her room, the intercom buzzes...

HP: (sounding quite outraged) WHERE ARE MY CRAYONS?!?!

M: The crayons that you are not supposed to have in your room in the first place & the ones that you lied to me about taking to your room? Those crayons?

HP: Uhhh... yeah. (another pause) Can I have them?

M: What do you think?

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