Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Have A Dream...

...A dream where, one day, instead of having to redirect the children with restrictions and amends that they care nothing about, they will wear shock collars & the cottages will have electrified zones so that they will stay in their designated areas.

A dream that those collars will have little ampules of Haldol & Geodon that can be triggered by a remote control so that when they go all crazy, staff won't get kicked or bit or punched trying to restrain them.

(For anyone who happens to be an extremely unfunny person - this is a joke.)

Actually, I would just settle for being able to spank them & wash their mouths out with soap.

(That part is not a joke.)

Ooooh, I also want C's idea of a little radio controlled helicopter with a wireless camera mounted on it for doing room checks - up & down stairs 32 times every night is not exactly my idea of fun. Especially on the fibromyalgia-pain-filled nights.

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