Sunday, April 29, 2007

Old Maid Aunt

Lil'Un & Elf were after me again on Friday about my love life, or lack thereof.

They asked me if I had a boyfriend & then why not. I asked if I was supposed to have one, they said yes. I'm 28 and that's old enough, so I should be married. Then Lil'Un suggested that I marry Jay, their dad & my cousin. Sorry, kiddos, I may be a bit of a hick but my neck ain't that red...

What's sad is that with their mother out of the picture, both little girls have said they wished I was their mommy.

So do I.


the dread pirate robert said...

You could always marry me. ^_^

O'course, that would invite all kinds of discomfort that a relationship like that is completly not about. Heck, even that one dinner you invited me to all those moons ago was a little... tense.

Anyway, nice to see the page is back up to normal. I didn't get a chance to check back here until today, but it is funny you asked about Bridget... because I actually talked to her on the phone and she feels bad because she hasn't been able to catch up with you... you know how personal she takes that kind of thing.

We should do something sometime. The three of us, I mean, not like... Nevermind. Anyway, it would be just like old times.

LadyGunn said...

Very funny, Pookie.

What dinner are you talking about? I don't remember...

We do need to get together. I've missed Bridget & our talks. I won't have to bring a fork, will I?

By the way, have I shown you my new knives? ;-D