Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Have Good Taste

Of course good taste = expensive.

Like this vase for $130 from the Smithsonian store.

Or the Lorelei vase from Van Briggle Art Pottery in Colorado Springs I saw while on vacation.
For a mere $275. They did have one there in the show room that had a few tiny, tiny cracks on the inside lip that they were willing to let go for $155. Sad to say, I was very tempted.


Andy O said...

wow, you really do have great taste! I also would like to think that I have great taste, at least in cars. Did I let you know that I just bought a Mercedes Benz last weekend. It's older, but still in good shape. Needs some work, but should be back in the game in a month or so.

LadyGunn said...

Sweet man. Can it do a decent burnout? We'll have to put it through it's paces...

I'm at the coffee thing at church. Just finished the PowerPoint announcements, which is interesting since there's no guide while L is in the hospital.

See ya tomorrow.