Thursday, April 19, 2007

More Guns Please

I am getting sick & tired of seeing those "No Guns Allowed" signs every time I turn around.

I can understand what they are trying to achieve, but the method just doesn't make sense. I don't think a goblin is going to go to a store, see the amazing sticker on the door & go "Oh no! They have a sticker! I guess I can't rob this place!" Sorry, but that ain't gonna make a bad guy turn around & leave. All it does it keep out the honest citizens who are practicing their lawful right to carry. The only folks who would have a chance of stopping the evil-doer.

If I owned a business, my sign would say:

"You are more than welcome to concealed carry here. Just remember that we do too."

And I'd make sure that all my employees knew how to handle the guns we had on hand.


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

A lot of those signs around Ohio.
But it seems like less as time goes on.

There is an effort to boycott businesses who post those signs.

Maybe you could start a movement round your digs! :)

the dread pirate robert said...

Yay, Ohio!

Anyhow, I thought the signs were stupid to begin with, mainly because they were initally posted in OBVIOUS PLACES where carrying a gun in is a bad idea, like BANKS and the POLICE STATION... DUH!!

When I first visited my financial institution when they posted, naturally my smart-ass gland activated ("You know, I started to bring my gun in, until I saw your sign...)

BTW, what's with your page? I had to copy and paste to Word to read it, because only like 1/3 of the page appears...?

LadyGunn said...

jimmyb - I should talk to a gun dealer friend & see if I can find a local chapter of the NRA (now that I've joined) & get a boycott going.

Although my personal boycotting wouldn't do a whole lotta good as I don't shop much.

Pookie - I dunno what's wrong with the bloggy page & wouldn't have a clue as to how to fix it, so, ummm... sorry?

By the by, whatcha up to these days? Seen Bridget around?